YouTube Stops Taking Down Conspiracy Videos About 2020 US Elections

A few weeks after announcing the retirement of YouTube Stories, the video-sharing platform announced a relaxation of Stories. Moderation rules for conspiracy videos Anything related to the 2020 US election.

In a post posted on its official blog, the Google subsidiary said: Tens of thousands of videos have been removed since 2020However, the same rules no longer apply and the videos will still exist on the site.

The company said ahead of the 2024 US election: It’s time to evaluate your approach to situations like this. In fact, according to YouTube, removing videos not only limits the spread of fake news and hoaxes, but also “Has the effect of unintentionally limiting political discussion without significantly reducing the risk of violence or other real-world harm”.

However, the rules prohibiting the publication and promotion of election-related content will continue to be maintained. Additionally, users searching for these topics on YouTube will see results from trusted sources.

Rumors have leaked over the past few days that YouTube is aiming to bring non-skippable TV ads closer and closer to traditional TV platforms.

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