YouTube Music for Android has new features to help you when you lose your network

Among the many services and apps Google Offers on smartphones and tablets that we found YouTube musicA platform dedicated to music streaming born from the giant YouTube.

In the last few hours, some have emerged Important Notices For the YouTube Music app for Android devices only. In fact, Google has started delivering his one of the latest news announced. Download automatically of recent songs.

The new features that Google has introduced to YouTube Music are: Reserved to all subscribers premium Connect to the service and allow the app to download songs automatically recently heard by the user.Specifically, the app automatically downloads the latest 200 songs Songs you listened to on YouTube Music.

YouTube music no seems to have received one section Collect your recently listened songs and download them automatically.And it seems equally certain that novelty is a concern at the moment exclusively Android device.

The new features are setting of the app. Its main purpose is obviously to provide music content. poor connectivityjust go go offline All content that users are likely to search for.

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