would have violated U.S. labor law

Elon Musk works for Tesla, SpaceX and Snailbrook, a city enterprise for workers of The Boring Company, but the South African billionaire appears to be in trouble with the law (again).In fact, according to an American court, Musk violated federal labor laws 2018.

The issue concerns Tesla workers and is rather complicated. In 2018, Musk took to Twitter to say, Position on the formation of trade unions Inside companies like Tesla and SpaceX. Especially in the case of Tesla, billionaires say “Nothing stops Tesla employees from voting to form a union. If they wanted, they could do it tomorrow.”.

In short, from these words, it seems that Elon Musk was generally open to the formation of trade unions by Tesla.but in an instant Tweetthe auto company CEO added:why [i lavoratori] Should they pay union economic costs and get stock options for free? Our safety data is double what it used to be and everyone already has access to health insurance. ”.

This second part of Elon Musk’s post immediately caught the attention of the United Auto Workers (UAW). financially blackmailed employees Words written on Twitter. The reason is simple. Musk has linked joining the union with the forced waiver of options on Tesla stock, but it’s not quite automatic and indeed doesn’t seem incompatible with creating a worker network.

According to Tesla, Tweet It had a very different meaning, and it certainly wasn’t a veiled threat.In fact, Elon Musk, in his words, simply Employees of other companies do not receive shares option with stock of the company they work for, but only their salary. In other words, Tweet Elon Musk just wanted to emphasize that Tesla employees are treated better than other companies.caralso thanks to additional money linked to shares allocated to employees.

Meanwhile, according to America’s leading trade union association, Mr. Musk was a real threat and has been legally indicted. District Court of Appeals Elon Musk found guilty He broke American labor laws and was, according to a judge, an unlawful threat to employees seeking to unionize.

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