Which credit card would you choose to cut costs? Now with Carta YOU

You can reset your credit card costs: Just rely on one of the free options on the market. Among the many solutions available, without a doubt, paper you I am playing the lead role. In fact, Advanzia Bank credit cards allow you to reset your costs in the following ways: Eliminate all fixed cost items and all of them Regarding card usage.

For those who rely on Carta YOUthe fee is zero and No fees for withdrawals and payments (even abroad). The card is also circuit master Card Therefore, it is accepted without problems all over the world. Also note that for those who choose Carta YOU, there are additional bonuses such as: free travel insurance possibility with Deferred expenses.

Carta YOU has another advantage to consider.You can also apply for a credit card without opening a new checking account (Additional charges may apply). Applying for a YOU card can be done easily online from the official website below.

Eliminate common credit card costs with Carta YOU

YOU card Eliminates all common credit card costs thanks to:

  • Canon zeroNo fixed costs
  • Zero commission Withdrawals and Payments: No fees associated with using the card
  • No need to open a new checking account. No costs associated with new mandatory accounts for cardholders

Furthermore, Carta YOU adds the possibility of using circuits. master Card, free travel insurance possibility with defer expenses For several months (at one interest rate). The card credit limit is set by the bank based on the data provided by the customer during the issuance request stage. The customer may then request a limit increase.

again Requesting a YOU card is free, because there is no issuance cost. To access this card, you can follow a simple online subscription procedure.

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