“What Worries About AI”

After learning how much it costs to maintain ChatGPT, some believe that such an expensive project cannot have a future consisting of “massive” applications for the general public. There may be You’d be wrong: In fact, in the last few hours, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said: ChatGPT changes society itself forever.

of Altman’s Statement As Courageous As They Worry, released during an interview published by ABC. The interview conducted by reporter Rebecca Jarvis was also released in video format on the American broadcaster’s website.

According to Altman, AI in general and language models like ChatGPT in particular As we know they will change society, transforming it into something new and different. The OpenAI CEO explained a significant transition related to AI.”It poses a visible danger.”but can also represent “”The Greatest Technological Leap in Human History”leading to widespread use of AI to improve human life from all perspectives.

But Altman always explains:we have to be very careful.i believe people should be it was nice to be a little scared Because with this new technology, we’re going to have to tread carefully. ”The interview also talks about the recent release of GPT-4 for ChatGPT, which gave OpenAI a small revolution in AI. From this perspective, Altman explained that GPT-4 promises many additional possibilities for artificial intelligence, which will allow Control government and state intervention AI-based project.

OpenAI (remember, it’s a non-profit, not a company) is actually a series of ‘Responsible’ actors in the world of AIso much so that Altman confirmed that he hasDaily contact with government officials American. The goal of OpenAI is therefore to create an AI that cannot be used for malicious purposes. “I am particularly concerned about disinformation campaigns, and AI has gotten so good at coding that it can also be used in cyberattacks. ” Altman reports.

Another concern for Altman is thatAI will “steal jobs” To a huge number of people. In fact, it’s not necessarily wrong for OpenAI’s CEO to use ChatGPT or any other artificial intelligence in the world of work, but it should be “diluted” over time.In the last two generations, I think humans have proven admirably adept at adapting to great technological change. But if it happens in just a few years, These changes may be too fastThis is the part that worries me the most.”.

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