What they don’t tell you about Shrine, er, dear Nardella and Trump: So today…

– One of those days when it’s better to spend time in your garden or vegetable garden without spending too much time following the news. Because, objectively, nothing really happened.

– The only real juicy news he offers us donald trump One of his daily shoots.The former president of the United States claims Manhattan prosecutors’ office wants to arrest him Tuesday over alleged payments to his ex-wife. porn starThe young woman would have received money to remain silent about her relationship with a big shot. Let’s hope the man wearing horns on the day of the attack on the Capitol didn’t hear it.The carnival is over. .

– In fact, the most interesting is the poor Christ, so to speak, Ron DeSantisThe Governor of Florida is in a bit of an embarrassing situation right now. His approval is needed before a New York judge can handcuff Donald in Mar-a-Lago. I would be happy to see you have serious problems, but on the other hand you would risk going against a segment of Trump voters who are virtually impossible to beat Biden. Polaccio.

– 100 exhibitors and winegrowers celebration To start an event near Venice, Dress codeFor men, it looks great with an elegant suit. The same goes for women, but with the addition of a “7cm upward” heel. popePrivate clubs hold events of their choice and ask for their preferred attire. If you don’t want to wear 7cm heels, or if you don’t have one, you can wear flat slippers and go home with peace of mind. Sexism has nothing to do with it. Dress code And there were always full houses. Including this year. Dear organizers, please. Do not give in to the blackmail of public indignation.

– they run a lot investigation in Pd Ellie ShrineThat’s objective: The Democratic Party has grown since the arrival of the new secretary. However, I would like to point out a few things that I don’t think many people will tell you. First: Elly is up from what we see as a ‘rebound effect’ in recent months. Second: At the moment, it’s the same percentage that Enrico Letta had the day after the September 2022 elections (19%). Third, the coalition is still light years away, both in its current composition (center-left 24.5%, center-right 46.5%) and his alliance with M5S (center-right 46.5%, Gialorossi 41.3%). That’s what I mean. Translation: Ellie may be beautiful and good, but she must eat her sandwich before she can sing her victory.

– No, dear Dario NardellaYesterday you were named a hero of two worlds. He has also slandered environmentalists (“What are you doing?”). You have all the reasons in the world and don’t need to back down today. don’t try. I get hives when I hear you say this. You’ve already restricted yourself from giving him the slapstick. Now you don’t have to try to win back your green votes by stating that you “understand” the vandal’s “frustration” . But what? “We blocked the protests on Friday, but we didn’t block the desire to protect the planet that hosts us.” what are you saying (Quote).

– Today, WHO made a declassification hypothesis. COVID to influenza. good.but on the same day we discover it Novak Djokovic He is not vaccinated and cannot go to the Miami Masters. Are you aware of the stupidity of these rules?

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