“We were robbed …”.Fury Sainz after Ferrari accident in Australia

Carlos Sainz anger at the end Australian Grand Prixfinished in last place in 12th after being penalized five seconds by the marshals for contact with the marshals. Fernando Alonso It was clear on the last lap behind the safety car that there was no possibility of extending to those who were chasing him.

to the microphone of sky sports f1Indeed, the Spanish riders thundered:“I don’t want to talk about it otherwise I would say bad things about it now. I prefer to meet the marshals first and wait for them to change the penalty. I feel they have robbed us. I don’t want to, otherwise I’ll say bad words. I can’t speak clearly without going to the stewards first.


Chaos became world champion with four starts and three red flags at Melbourne’s Albert Park circuit. Max Verstappen He was ahead of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes and Fernando Alonso’s Aston Martin. A day to forget Ferrari: Charles Leclerc Carlos Sainz finished 12th and was given a five-second penalty for contact with Alonso’s car after the race’s third green light.The moment in question dates back to the second reboot red flagat that moment Sainz was fourth, finishing a long moment in the corner and hitting a spun Alonso.

when to be a pilot of Ferraristill waiting in the cockpit for the final departure safety carthey announce a penalty and the Spaniard despairs under his helmet: “No, but why? No, it is unacceptable” Ricardo Adami, “Ricky told him he had to wait until the race was over and talk to me first. They need to hear from me. That’s too harsh a penalty.”Melancholy Carlos Hisesu, Author of Brave and Active Race. penalty It’s not very tall by itself, but it’s very heavy considering all the riders are being attacked at that point. So in that number of seconds Sainz lost his eight positions.

a contact Arriving on a lap that didn’t really exist, Alonso again started ahead of Sainz in third, as the order of the riders from the previous lap was taken into account at the restart after the third red flag. The race ended after just one lap, safety car, all cars are approaching. Instead, Sainz received a five-second penalty e 12th place Final. clearly excessive fines.

Words of Vasseur

Even the Red Team Principal Frederic Vasseurcommenting on the penalty imposed on Carlos Sainz: “It is frustrating because they did not give us time to discuss it. increase” shy positive signalat least came from the performance: “We weren’t far from the top today, but the goal is not to finish fourth. There’s a lot of motivation within the team and that’s why there’s a lot of frustration, because now. “The improvement we have achieved is not purely aerodynamic, it comes down to a compromise between the best balance and the right set-up. Charles’ accident? What happened later with Carlos? I think it’s similar to two race accidents.”

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