Warning, the Radeon RX 7600 is not “compatible” with all power supplies.

It’s been a long time since the first Radeon RX 7000 was announced, but we’re euphoric from Scott Herkelman, who was particularly keen on adopting older generation connectors for maximum compatibility with newer RDNA3 video cards. Many of you will remember.

unexpected news“Everything is brand new” Radeon RX 7600 Even more paradoxically, the version is reference of this tab.According to a TechPowerUp report! – the authors of the photos included in this news, especially – Re-released by Tom’s Hardware, but actually this card has a very tight clearance for me. 6+2 pin connector Older generation stuff makes it impossible to correctly insert these particular types, and very few users get involved.

Refers to a connector that has one connector. vertical step It’s on top of these (where the safety clip is), between the 6-pin block and the 2-pin part, in addition to the tabs that are normally underneath it.As mentioned before, not all cables have this relief, as most cables are perfectly flat, but the TPU version does. quantified them at around 20% of the cables that come with the PSU. So in any case, here are some examples. seasonality with feeder.

It’s pretty far from the “melted” cable issue on the RTX 4090, but in this case the issue appears to be by design.

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