This plane was flying with everyone on board dead.

It is registered as a Learjet 35. N47BAwas a private jet carrying several VIPs en route to Dallas, but for no apparent reason began flying over the United States and ended up in Canada. The reason for this strangeness became clear only later. All crew members inside were dead or unconscious..

When we took off from Orlando, Florida on October 25, 1999, everything was going well. After the pilot answered the tower on the first radio contact, Lost contact with crew after 6 minutes of aircraft. After several attempts over the next few minutes with no response, the Air Force intervened directly.

F-16 fighters were in the area and flew in to intercept the aircraft and conduct a visual inspection. The aircraft had no visible damage and was flying straight, but the jet pilot was unable to look into the cockpit to see the crew. The windows were opaque, as if they were covered with condensation or ice..

Concerns grew as the “missed calls” continued, and demolition began to be considered. The plane, which had only four and a half hours of fuel on board, ran out of fuel and began to spiral. Crashed on land in South Dakota.

what happened to the crew? According to some expert reports, Room decompression And the crew completely lost consciousness due to hypoxia. To date, the cause of the decompression is unknown, but Black Box records show that no one was awake during the final minutes of the flight.

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