The new Samsung Internet Beta update introduces three cool new features

In the past few hours, Samsung has released a new update to its own Samsung Internet Beta application and has taken it all in stride with it. 3 new features We are committed to improving your everyday browser experience.

Samsung Internet Beta: What’s new in the update

The version released by the South Korean giant is As mentioned earlier, it refers to the beta version of the highly acclaimed proprietary Samsung Internet browser. The innovation mentioned at the beginning has to do with his three secondary elements of the browsing experience provided by the app: the tab bar, the favorites bar and the address bar.

With the changes introduced, samsung internet beta The mentioned elements are easier to reach on smartphones and tablets, especially on screens with a wide diagonal. In fact, the manufacturer introduced the possibility of displaying the favorites bar and tabs bar at the bottom of the screen.of option To enable it, you can find it in the appropriate menu. Open Samsung Internet Beta,[設定]to access the section. layout and menuAs you can see from the screenshot below, once the new option introduced is enabled, Bookmarks and tabs bars have been relocated to the bottomjust above the URL (if the latter is also moved to the bottom of the screen).

At this point, you can quickly access other features, such as the possibility to open favorites in new tabs, new windows and incognito mode, simply by long-pressing on the item in the speech bar. For example copy link, edit or delete saved bookmarks. On the other hand, long-pressing a tab on the tab bar closes one tab, closes only other tabs, closes all, moves tabs, opens in new tab, or opens in new window.

Smartphones aside, the new Samsung Internet Beta update also includes sun-focused novelties. Tablet (For smartphones, it’s been around for a while): Option to move the URL bar to the bottom of the screen.

How to update Samsung Internet Beta

latest version of samsung internet beta You can download it via Galaxy Store from this link. The update weighs 110.52 MB. If the latest update is not yet available, you can still download the same app from the Google Play Store using the badge below.

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