The CEO celebrates with street food!

NVIDIA’s declining revenue doesn’t seem to worry the company’s CEO, Jensen Huang. “Pizzicato” to immerse yourself in Taipei’s street food A few hours after the start of Computex Taiwan. In addition, Huang will be required to lead the event’s first keynote address.

As AI expert CW Lin explains: twitterHuang was photographed while visiting one of them. While ordering food at the night market in Taipei At one of the many stalls in the complex. It’s not all that strange, especially considering that Huang, who has lived in San Francisco for years, was originally from Taipei and lived there until the age of nine.

Ironically, when Mr. Huang was taking an evening walk in the center of Taiwan’s capital, NVIDIA’s Market Value Hits $1 Trillion Level Marking new positive peaks in terms of overall market capitalization, how the generative AI revolution keeps NVIDIA’s coffers alive even during times of general crisis sweeping the sector (actually, Is it growing dramatically)? high tech for the past few months.

again, Huang walked around Taipei unaccompanied Despite personal expenses safety A 750% increase in the last 12 months thanks to NVIDIA’s unprecedented financial market success. According to Tom’s Hardware, Mr. Huang spent $700,000 on private security alone last year alone.

However, on Monday, May 29th, Huang Hosts Computex’s 1st Keynote Taiwan’s. However, at this time it is not clear what Team Verde will announce in relation to the Taipei event. The RTX 4060 and RTX 4060 Ti announcements were pushed back a few days and the company may have announced them on time.From the market arch arrow consumer.

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