The best pregnancy app for counting weeks and more

Many expectant mothers are looking for the best pregnancy apps., a handy tool to accompany you through all (or almost all) of your ninth month of pregnancy, a truly pivotal time in your life. A good tool for them is Prevention + developed by Philips and Avent. In addition to the usual weekly calculations, the tool also guarantees a really diverse and constantly updated number of pieces of information and really helpful options.


The Pregnancy+ app is available for free on both the Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iPhones. Many parents (both mothers and fathers) download this tool. Calculate Pregnancy Weeks. In fact, this first important task is completely performed by equipment. After downloading and installing, on first login, Indication of last cycle date is required to provide DPP (due date) immediately. From now on, the user experience will always be personalized, showing you the weeks and days of your unborn baby directly in the application home.

Through this pregnancy app, Get ready to view interactive 3D models of embryos and fetuses. Every week, this tool can restore your child’s vision in all aspects and magnify details such as noses and ears. Among other things, note that even the child’s skin color can be customized based on the parent’s skin color.can consult at any time Child dimensions and their length based on average values ​​referring to a specific moment of pregnancy. It’s especially intuitive and convenient to compare the size of the baby in your womb to the size of fruits, animals and sweets.

Pregnancy + does more than just calculate your pregnancy weeks. This tool provides a detailed guide on everything that happens (during pregnancy) for both mother and baby. Through the application you can also access: A very extensive list of articles published daily. All relate to the diverse world of parenting, with a particular focus on the role of fathers as well.. Advice on nutrition and exercise activity was essential during the nine months.

Utilities available in the app include: Hospital suitcase preparation guide from late pregnancyIt’s also a tool to update your pregnancy diary with gynecologist visits and other appointments. You can also easily use the weight register. Also, if you want to switch to the premium version of the tool, you also get other very important plus features such as: daily kick counter and contractions timer, Both are very useful on the home straight. Some of the less necessary, but very fun and great options are also the possibility of: Create a Pregnancy Photo Album with Baby Tummy Pictures. Everything can be saved, shared and preserved for future memories.

ease of use

Of course, the pregnancy apps reviewed here are not a substitute for healthcare provider support.But indeed, this tool contains a series of very useful tips for all weeks of pregnancy. One of the great things about this application is definitely its extreme ease of use. Attractive interface and very dense content. The positive thing about topics covered in the news is the attention given to specific information. twin pregnancy, Very unusual in the panorama of this type of instrument.

It’s a shame that useful features like kick and contraction monitoring are only for the premium version of the application. Those who wish to rely on this solution should definitely purchase in time to avoid the risk of not being able to take advantage of the relative benefits at the right time.


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