Sony officially announces development of new portable PlayStation console!

The PlayStation Showcase on May 24th was the ideal moment Sony chose to announce some of its flagship projects. Among these, we can mention in particular the presentation of the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, but above all the presentation of the new PlayStation portable device, Project Q.


So far it’s just a rumor, so the development of this new portable console has just been officially announced by the Japanese company. But contrary to what the player thinks, the latter is just a support device for his PlayStation 5. Learn more about this important announcement here.

Project Q: A New PlayStation Remote Play Device Based on Game Streaming

rumors about new PlayStation handheld was finally confirmed by Sony. Indeed, meanwhile playstation showcase This year, the Japanese company first unveiled a device that now bears the name “. “Project Q” (instead of the rumored Q Lite in April).

during his presentation Jim RyanThe president of Sony Interactive Entertainment has cautioned and stipulated that the new device will only offer one function. In fact, Project Q was designed solely to allow players to stream the game from their device. PlayStation 5 via remote play.

This logic requires that all the titles you need to play on this modern portable console have already been installed on your PS5. But note that Project Q has all the buttons of the gamepad. dual sense PS5 and screen 8 inch HD.

Unfortunately, despite all these important features, Jim Ryan admitted that it’s not a true standalone console per se. Information in a different direction than the rumors from a month ago. In any case, Sony expects to announce more details about this new project in the coming months.

The first gaming headphones from the PlayStation brand were also on display

Project Q wasn’t the only novelty Sony announced during the annual event. Jim Ryan was also instrumental in launching the PlayStation brand’s first gaming headphones. Good news for users of Japanese branded consoles who can add this new accessory to their collection.

FYI, these headphones can be connected to the console. PS5via PC and smartphone bluetooth.Jim Ryan has already promised it will come true Lossless sound with low latency. Ideal conditions to further enhance your gaming experience on your PlayStation console.

As of now, Sony has yet to reveal any details about these headphones. However, the company promises to come back soon with more information about the various devices announced during the showcase, so it shouldn’t take too long.

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