‘Rich people’s work…’ controversy erupts over Georgina Rodriguez

All you needed was an Instagram story Georgina RodriguezSpanish influencer, model and partner Cristiano Ronaldo to spark controversy. As we all know, social media audiences are always very attentive to everything circulating on the web, especially when there are celebrities in the spotlight. In fact, this was the case with Ronaldo’s partner, who certainly didn’t go unnoticed for posting the story on her social profile just hours ago.

controversial photo

Georgina lives in Saudi Arabia with her entire family and has joined Cristiano Ronaldo in Al Nasr (a team that plays in the first division of the Saudi Championship) to follow her five-time Ballon d’Or winner boyfriend’s current sporting season. I follow 47 million models followerposted a picture of him walking around with a bag and coffee in his hand, along with the sentence: “Another great day of work. Para que luego digan que las ricas no trabajamos” Translated Meaning: “Great day at work. Don’t let anyone tell you rich they don’t work. ”

there is photograph, but more than anything, the caption seems to be a clear message aimed at anyone who criticizes her.Many remember her as her co-host Amadeus in the 70th edition of San Remo Festivalthe proud Ronaldo sits in the front row of the stall.

Who is Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez Hernandez (class of ’94) is a Spanish influencer and model born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While she works as a model, Ambassador For clothing and jewelry from different brands. In 2016, she met Cristiano Ronaldo, CR7, at the Gucci clothing store in Madrid, where she worked as a saleswoman, was love at first sight.love crowned from the birth of Alana Martina Rodriguez then gave birth to twins in April 2022, but unfortunately one of the twins was never born.

Soi Georgina 2

March 24th is coming netflix Soi Georgina 2, A documentary series that follows the life of an influencer for the second year in a row.In a short trailer released by Netflix recently, we actually get to see Rodriguez unable to hold back his tears as he remembers something terrible. mourning It changed her life: “This year has been the best and worst moments of my life in an instant. Life is hard, life goes on. He said to me: “Go on with your life, it will make you better”.My priorities now are my children and my family. is. I am really happy and grateful.”.

Georgina, in addition to being there mother Of the children born out of love with the footballer, she is the adoptive mother of three other children. Christian Jr.twins born 11 years ago and Eve and Mateosurrogate mother birth.

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