Red Shrine Incites Rainbow Family: Meloni Government Against Children

Milan. The rallies and politicians do not get off the stage, but his new Pd secretary Shrine rises last, dancing to the tune of “Bella ciao” and the rainbow people (“Ellie , Ellie”) choir. Milano has spoken out against suspending transcripts for children of same-parent couples. Even Vladimir Luxuria, who plays the presenter role during the day, is applauded. And square reacts. 10,000 people were “in attendance or contacted us within 48 hours,” specifies the organizers – the Association of Arcigay, Sentinelli, and Arcobaleno – which means fewer than half of those in attendance. I mean. Pd, Movimento 5 Stelle (former mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino arrives with a child in the stroller that first started registration), CGIL, some anti-government manifestos (“Stay away from them. Fascist ” or “ Meloni You are not my mother, leave mine alone»). A flash mob under the stage, in which Shrine also participates, is a clenched fist with a pen, symbol of a denied signature The Shrine is among the directors of the demonstration on gay rights, arriving half an hour before the start with Vice President Alessandro Zan and former gubernatorial candidate for Lombardy’s Pierfrancesco Majorino. “The government is blaming the children,” says Shriner, but protests are growing in his own party. Stop discriminating against children in school.A safer society is a more inclusive society.”We are already trying to advance expectations that have emerged from the square in Congress. A law written by Zhang with the Network and Rainbow families is in place and seeks full recognition of the rights of daughters and sons of gay couples.». This is a battle of civilizations, so we will work with other opposition parties”. In the bill “I burned my face and got a burn, but it didn’t do anything. There aren’t many parliaments. What will the third pole do in this case?”. asks you to “trust the mayor.” There are regulatory voids that need to be filled and this government is doing everything to humiliate those who think differently. And it cannot be simplified by talking about the risk of tearing the uterus. Enough of this nonsense. I agree”. can do it». have seen and those who live in the region know that the world has changed»And he also refers to the mayor of Treviso of the Northern League or the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia, who supports the transcript .who is looking to open a regional center for gender reassignment, league leader and deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini reiterated on Facebook at the end of the event: And on March 19, parents 2 It’s Father’s Day.” Silvio Berlusconi’s former partner, now Paola Turci’s Francesca Pascal, will play remotely. «It is a completely homophobic government and Salvini and the sovereigns are homophobic. But I want to believe Giorgia Meloni. She is a comment from the square. «How much anger, how much hate – Salvini’s answer –. I respond with work, peace, love and respect. ”

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