Quentin Tarantino talks what he can do after his latest film!

Among the directors who have made their mark on cinema in recent decades, it is impossible not to mention Quentin Tarantino. Four years after Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, the filmmaker will soon be returning to The Film Critic… for his final work! In fact, ever since Quentin Tarantino claimed to retire after his 10th movie, he’s stuck with it!

But what happens next? Asked about the subject in Deadline (via Screen Rant), the director divulged what he could do after his tenth and final film.

Close to retirement!

I don’t care! Quentin Tarantino wants to retire after ‘Film Critic’, but that doesn’t mean he’s abandoning the rich world of the Seventh Art altogether. on the contrary ! Speaking to Deadline, the director hinted that he’s going to take a break from the movies to try out new experiences. Director Quentin Tarantino has also mentioned television shows, short films and even theater as possible projects after his predecessor.

“I might do a TV show. I’m not saying I’m going in the dark, right? I might do a TV show. I might make a short film. I might do a play. will probably become a writer.» The director’s words remain elusive, but one thing’s for sure: fans will hear more about him and his work since The Film Critic.

What is a film critic about?

Whenever Quentin Tarantino releases a movie, it gets quite the buzz. Pulp Fiction, two Kill Bills, Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained, and even Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, fans of the director are no longer I have to say I don’t know where to turn. As a result, they are eager to learn more about his The Movie Critic.

For the time being, the project will remain top secret. Initial reports of the film show that the action takes place in late 70s Los Angeles and the story is led by a woman. WHO? mysterious. Information about the cast is also unfiltered, much less any information that would give character to the main characters. Fans will still have to be patient until we learn more.

It has been announced that pre-production by film critics will begin in June, with a theatrical release in 2024.

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