Polestar 2 arrives with integrated YouTube app and new features

polar star We continue to improve Polestar 2 through a series of initiatives. OTA updates Introduce new features since the infotainment system. After all, today’s modern cars are becoming more sophisticated and automakers are investing heavily in software development. Over the past few days, Polestar has started releasing a new OTA update for his electric sedan that introduces several new features.

in particular, Software update P2.9 Intended for all Polestar 2s in circulation. However, the introduced innovations will be immediately available in new production vehicles. The first novelty isIntroducing the built-in YouTube app (Not available in China and Korea).

Therefore, users will be able to start streaming video content from the infotainment screen using the YouTube app. For safety reasons, videos can only be viewed while the car is parked. The second novelty concern Enhanced Range Assistant application Polestar’s service allows drivers to monitor their energy consumption over the last 20, 40 or 100 km with real-time information so they can change their driving style to improve driving efficiency.

Automakers have developed new algorithms for estimating distances displayed by apps that can take into account environmental changes and other factors that affect efficiency. Finally, Apple CarPlay includes the integration of additional phone and media information on the home screen, call management and viewing calls using the steering wheel buttons, and an Apple display on the driver’s display (the display at the back of the car). There are also new features such as displaying a map. Wheel). Thomas IngenrathPolestar’s CEO commented on the innovations introduced in this update:

We know how eagerly our customers are looking forward to the over-the-air update, and we are confident that this update will be well received with its notable new features and improvements. YouTube is great for entertainment while charging, and the updated Range Assistant app offers more accurate predictions and supports better driving style. The addition of Apple Maps to the driver display is his one of many major updates to Apple CarPlay in Polestar 2.

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