P1 | Sart Logically Dominates Oppagne and Leads (+ Reactions, Videos, Quotes)


Burton brothers Louis (left) and Arnaud mastered midfield on Saturday night. -SM

P1 | Sart Logically Dominates Oppagne and Leads (+ Reactions, Videos, Quotes)

Published at 00:03 on Sunday, March 19, 2023

To Stephen Marchesani



the goal: 2nd Memeti (1-0), 18th/pen. Multezi (2-0).

start: Prince 6, Memeti 6, Sukoba 7, Tilkin 7, Bodson 6, L. Burton 7.5 (No. 84 Barbet NC), A. Burton 7, Memeti 7, Bojan 6.5 (No. 90 Rensonnet NC), Murtezi 7, Shabani 5. 5 (65th) Vissers 5.5).

Opagna: Mazzara 6, Polis 5.5, Dropsy 4.5, R. Bonjean 6, Cornelis 5.5 (71st Camara 5.5), Dandoy 5, Guillaume 4 (46th Wansart 5), M. Bonjean 5, Jo. Jadot 5, Raskin 5.5, Packet 5 (60th Cabs 5).

yellow card: Dorothy, Guillaume, Mazzara.

Referee: G. Dorothy.

support: 100.


This match at the top of Spirous and Gaulois was over quickly. It took less than 20 minutes to see Quentin Faymonville’s men bring the visitors to their knees.

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Just two minutes later, the Gauls were on the lookout, appreciating Bojan’s excellent cross on Memeti (1-0). Eighteen minutes into the game, when the same Memeti troubled Gallia’s defense and was looking to pass and score a double, he went crazy for Dropsea. Murtezzi did not tremble on penalties (2-0). Mass was said as Spirus won every duel and second ball, especially thanks to the Burton brothers who dominated midfield. “You can talk about a perfect night for us,” smiles Louie, the youngest of the brothers. ? »

Acquired maintenance

Not so much. This is the 41 point Sart. Maintenance is already mostly mathematical. “I think I can say it’s in my pocket right now (laughs). I think we can play the rest of the season without too much pressure. But be careful, we’re not going to relax. We’re not going to relax. still wants to win the game.»


That desire may be what Oppagne lacked. The Gaul was indistinguishable on the lawn of his stadium from Fernand his brasseur this Saturday. “The coach was insisting on instructions,” says Johan Paquet. “He was attentive from kick-off and asked us to stay close to his men. As a result of the race, 30 minutes later he saw Sart play and scored a ridiculous goal. 15 minutes later. , made a stupid mistake and went 2-0 from the penalty spot.Sart played their shots really well and were realistic.They came three times into our rectangle in the first period, scoring two goals and a I decided on a latte! »

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Opagne, on the other hand, did not have much to say. “We were just not good. It’s never easy to come to Sart and win, but if you don’t get into a duel, it becomes impossible if you can’t even get the second ball. Sart is simply Brave and determined, it’s up to us to take on Bastogne, but it won’t be easy.»

Halthier (P2C) striker Théo Lejeune is Sart’s first addition for the 2023-2024 season.

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