Netflix Shows First Screen On TVs To Define Households

Netflix In Italy, he said he would stop sharing passwords and subscription fees, and predictably, the news was making its way around the web within hours. And mailboxes, given that nearly all e-mails containing news presentations to account holders arrive at their destination.

Therefore, the streaming platform wants to monetize about 100 million accounts worldwide that violate their terms of service. Share passwords and costs with othersfamily, relatives, friends, or Even those who have never seen This is thanks to the variety of online services that have been born and grown over the years by combining supply (free places for multi-user accounts) and demand (users willing to contribute to get the service for a few euros). .

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May 24th

In our communications with subscribers, Netflix We defined a household as

A set of internet-connected devices at the primary location where you watch Netflix. You can set up your Netflix household from your TV. All other devices using a Netflix account on the same internet connection as this TV automatically belong to the Netflix household.

Screen for defining the core

From the email to the immediate action, today I A screen that can define the household core appears on TV (but this should be explained in the next paragraph), from there Exclude non-included devices. Perhaps someone wanted to avoid the inevitable by not defining a domestic core, and even wanted to postpone Netflix, but anyway, by cross-referencing domestic data, it was self-reliant. He immediately stated that he was able to effectively limit the core. “IP Address, Device ID, Account Activity”.

The first of the two screens you see on your TV as a result of stopping password sharing reminds you: “Netflix is ​​for you and the people you live with” Below you will be asked if there is a TV in your household. So the device you’re using your account on, and connected to the same internet network It may be related to the nucleus.

Two options: he confirms again i’ll do it later. Some trends related to households are unclear at this time. For example, Netflix talk about “same internet network” not the same Wi-Fi connection, This raises questions about the (geographic) scope of households, and thus the degree of tolerance in a sense, and who of those using the account will ultimately have to stand at the door. is decisive in understanding theWhether the purpose is to discourage violent sharing, or to discourage sharing of any kind (if sharing initiated Fine work or rough work.

The screen is visible to everyone, including “strangers”

The point is, indeed, a problem for somethat the possibility of defining households through these screens is allowed. Anyone accessing the account using these credentials: may be the owner account, i.e. who physically pays for the platform, or those who try to limit themselves to using them Pay the owner your share. These are unavoidable consequences as well as risks for those who provided their access credentials to a third party, perhaps a complete stranger.

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