Naked Man in the Vatican: here is the penitential ceremony to cleanse the altar

of striptease The song, improvised inside St. Peter’s Basilica by the man arrested last Thursday, June 1, also made an impact from a liturgical point of view. In fact, it was necessary to make arrangements to celebrate a special rite of repentance today, according to a statement from the Vatican Press Office.

what happened

The incident in question occurred two days ago late in the afternoon, just minutes before the theater closed to the public. St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Poles started the show. In a state of apparent psychophysical alteration, the man reached the main altar, climbed the structure and found himself directly beneath Bernini’s famous Baldacchino.

After attracting the attention of the last visitor to the religious complex, he undressed completely to reveal the magic inscription on his back. “Save the children of Ukraine” (Save the children of Ukraine), they read a surprise present. Images of the Polish protests quickly spread around the web.

The first to arrive were some of the caretakers, those in charge of the regular maintenance of the Vatican Cathedral, the so-called Sanpietrinis. They reached the main altar and, thanks to the cooperation of some gendarmes, were able to persuade the Protestants to descend and dress. Those who did not scream or resist were taken to the police office. military police Perform normal identification operations.

During interrogation, Poles showed signs of delirium and suffered minor claw injuries. The man was then handed over by the Vatican authorities to the Italian police, under the provisions of a treaty between Italy and the Roman Catholic Church, who charged him with the following charges: road seat obliged to leave the territory.


But his actions had consequences even from a liturgical point of view. In fact, Cardinal Mauro Gambetti, Archbishop of St. Peter’s Basilica, had to perform a peculiar ceremony to “purify” the altar of the profane acts committed by Protestants. Ritual. At 12:00, as expected by the Vatican Press Office, it took place at the Confession Altar of St. Peter’s Basilica in the presence of the canons of St. Peter’s Basilica. ceremony of repentance.

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