Meloni’s EU plan: more returns and checks

Next week will be an important step on the immigration dossier on Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s agenda. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister will contact the Chamber of Commerce in light of the important European Council meetings on March 23 and his 24th. Currently, immigration is not on the agenda of government summits. But that’s the theme that comes right after the Cutro tragedy: the Italian government makes her two points: border control and redistribution. These are the two keys that the chief executive will hit after various unaltered Brussels declarations to get concrete answers from Europe. His third point at which the government will move to obtain assurances from Europe is the implementation of accompanying deportations.

According to Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi, the plan could “promote cooperation among foreigners, stimulate countries of origin to strengthen cooperation and contribute to combating the root causes of immigration”. and next week the Palazzo Chigi will have to untie the knot on restrictions on special protection. became. Another document open at the executive table in view of the European Council is the dispute in Ukraine. The Prime Minister’s position is clear: I fully support Kiev. There is a possibility that Europe will ask us to expand our assistance, both from a military perspective by shipping arms and from the perspective of sanctions against Moscow. Between Ukraine and immigration, fan issues creep in and change the government agenda. After the clashes in Naples, the government is considering further ramping up its support for the violence. The parcel may arrive soon by the end of next week.

Undersecretary of the Interior, Emanuele Prisco, confirmed the direction that “new measures against violent typhus are not ruled out”. Here we look at the Thatcher model, which is very effective against British hooligans. A roadmap for the parliamentary process is being finalized after the ministerial meeting approved a law enabling tax reform. It seems like a necessary reform. The latest report from Cgia’s research office in Mestre states that “Italian companies are among the most harassed in Europe. , clearly higher than Spain, etc». recovered 9.5 billion and blocked 9.5 billion in fraud, totaling €98.6 billion CGIA – this is slightly less than the tax and social security contributions that exist in Italy, according to estimates , equivalent to about 100 billion euros »the good performance of the economy that occurred last year».

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