Manchester City out of Vincent Kompagny and Burnley, Kevin De Bruyne confirmed twice (6-0, video)

There are no miracles in Vincent Kompany’s Burnley. In the FA Cup quarter-final against Manchester City in the Championship his leaders were outmatched at the Etihad Stadium, losing 0–6.

Against his previous team, Kompani wanted to see his team play without pressure. This lasted just over half an hour until the inevitable Erling Haaland found the net twice in three minutes .

The second half was a real nightmare for Company’s men who were helpless against the English champions. In less than 15 minutes, Harland, Palmer and Alvarez (double) have definitely put an end to all the suspense.

Holder Kevin De Bruyne also entered the show by providing two assists for Julian Alvarez.

The semi-final draw will take place after three matches (Sheffield United – Blackburn, Brighton – Grimsby and Manchester United – Fulham) scheduled on Sunday.

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