“Malicious eyes…”.Chiara Nasti goes ‘magician’ against assholes

Claire Nasty she is used to being in the center of many people now controversy and all it does on web It always inevitably ends up being debated. This time, a 25-year-old influencer will appear. superstitious ritual Against person you dislikeIt is still unclear whether this is actually the case superstitious to that extent, or simply provocation.

Oil ritual against the evil eye

Fellow Mattia Zaccania Lazio player, determined to eliminate the “malicious eyes” received the ritual with the help ofmagicianusing oil on Friday the 17th, the day most superstitious people fear.

Influencers are posting videos about socializing It depicts her when she tries to push a girl away negative energy what surrounds it. Add the following words: “Malicious Eyes”.

Behind Nasti, who sits on a stool, is a busy “healer” performing rituals using water and oil. Kiara posted several stories on Instagram, resuming her steps one by one. First, the “witch” put a black dish of water on her head and poured oil inside. She had no choice but to wait until finally she could figure out what shape it would take.

oil shelf

According to popular belief, to perform the oil ritual, simply fill a bowl of water and place it on the head of the person you believe has the evil eye. After that everything is mixed. At this point, the person undergoing the ritual truly becomes a victim of the evil eye as the drops of oil poured into the water split open.

Chiara Nasti and social controversy

This isn’t the first time Kiara has been the subject of social controversy. slip It did not leave the social public indifferent. Not long ago, when she was waiting for little Thiago, an influencer pointed her finger at her. mother that yes they svac” – in his words – while I was pregnant. Not only that, but he also scolded a follower for commenting about a child in his story, in fact, the influencer said in a video posted by Nasti that he vaff**** his I was replying to a user who called a 6-year-old boy rude.if you think the child is very economicallyin addition to being very, very get upSomeday he may be your employer. you just have to thank him.I never havelearn to camp upon”.

But in the same vein, even haters are often exaggerated for giving their 25-year-old her half of her mother. farmers Nasty Zaccani couple Party for the baby’s gender reveal they were expecting.Finally, there was no shortage of either crime During a shot of Nasty that showed her pregnant. In short, try to understand if videos against the evil eye can help soothe the minds of haters.

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