Italy protects cars and homes.Europe has a nervous breakdown

European ideological environmentalism has long assumed a dogmatic character and cannot be questioned or criticized. Finally, the Italian government is guilty of not agreeing to the European Union’s recent eco-foliage, from green housing regulations to the 2035 ban on diesel and petrol cars to a directive to equalize industrial emissions. Did. with those of the farm.

Thus, Brussels’ harsh reaction to Italy was immediate. Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the Commission, has been particularly active recently. Regarding the Environmental Protection Directive on housing, he candidly states: Italian industry ». Some might say that the Italian people and the government they voted for know what is in Italy’s interest. I don’t pay, he added Mr Timmermans. But that is not the reality. ” Words that testify to the ideological prejudices of the EU and its arrogant belief that it is the only keeper of the truth.

Timmermans then attempted a partial comeback, but the patch was worse than the hole. The economy cannot grow on dead land. Therefore, there can be no conflict between the environment, climate protection and the economy”. We have to trust the people of Italy who know how to create a sustainable and circular economy. ”

Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Minister of Environment and Energy Security, responded: We are in the final year of the Commission and there is some acceleration to close the game which is his banner ». If our goal is decarbonisation, electricity is the main means of doing so, but not the only».

But the Timmermans case is not an isolated one. Ciarán Cuffe, Irish Parliamentary Rapporteur on the Green Housing Directive, also declared: The pattern is always the same. If you don’t agree with their point of view, it means, “I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

But facts count far more than declarations. Facts tell us about European environmental policies that threaten to hit Italy hard. This area includes nutrition regulation, which has pursued a precise ideological direction since Nutri-Score. While insects and synthetic foods are being encouraged, breeders and farmers are being hit and at risk of disrupting entire supply chains. The same is the case with auto parts and Italian pockets with eco-friendly properties in their homes.

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