iOS 17, rain of rumors with presentation in sight: news that could happen

A few hours after the iOS 17 lock screen rumors we’ve been talking about on this page for the past few hours, a new rumor has surfaced: News Apple should introduce in its new operating system.

Popular Bloomberg reporter Marc Garman reiterates in a new report that operating systems offer many key benefits. News about Wallet, the Dov’è application, plus SharePlay and AirPlay. Garman referred to “substantial changes,” but didn’t provide specific details.

The same journalist as always, he started talking about the new iOS 17 diary app.This has also appeared in the last few weeks and is essentially Day One style journaling needs to be integrated into smartphones. Leaker said the app will still be integrated into iOS 17 and will introduce a number of features that will allow for “a stronger social element than just note-taking” on the iPhone. .

The Wall Street Journal has previously described the application as allowing users to track not only their daily activities and thoughts, but also their moods by answering a series of questions about their day. The debut of the Health app on iPad is also expected.

Little is missing in ritual confirmation. The WWDC opening event is scheduled for his June 5th, 2023 at 7pm Italian time.

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