Inverter air conditioner blows away the summer heat with a little heat

Although it’s still March, it’s an ideal time to consider buying a new air conditioner given the upcoming summer season promises to be one of the hottest in recent years, according to various experts. is. In fact, at this time of year, prices are still low and opportunities are not in short supply. One of the best devices on offer is the inverter air conditioner of the brand coffee It has a cooling capacity of 9,000 BTU and energy efficiency class A++. With ePRICE, you can buy it at the lowest price of €355, a discount of over €35 compared to the suggested retail price of €391.

Comfy inverter air conditioner

Comfee inverter air conditioner now available at ePRICE

The Comfee air conditioner provided by ePRICE is CFW series It has the advantage of being a device based on inverter technology. While traditional air conditioners run on power supplied by an on/off compressor (also known as an on/off system), Comfee brand machines can change the power supplied based on the ambient temperature . In this way the consumption of electricity is optimized, the energy consumption of each household is reduced, Energy savings are calculated to be around 30% Compare with normal air conditioner.

Another strength of Comfee air conditioner in promotional sale on ePRICE is Wi-Fi connectionyou can also manage the device remotely from your smartphone using a dedicated app.

If you don’t want to spend the hellish summer indoors like last year and want to be equipped with a modern air conditioner that will save you on the bill, the CFW series Comfee air conditioner is the ideal purchase. and save over €35 off the recommended retail price.

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