“I’m Bisexual.” MMA Champion Jeff Molina Was ‘Forced’ To Come Out

A red-light video of him filming an intimate affair with another man, a UFC wrestler, goes viral. Jeff Molina Thus, he was practically forced to come out and publicly declare himself bisexual.

So at the moment, 25-year-old Molina is the first wrestler ufc openly bisexual. The young man probably hoped that when the time came right at the end of his career, he would want to talk about it, but this possibility was taken away from him.

But last June, the young man was asked to describe the rainbow shorts he wore during his fight with Kazakhstan’s Jargas Zumakov.Support oppressed and displaced communities‘, he replied.

hardcore video

The incident erupted a few days ago when a video of Jeff Molina with another man started going viral on the web. It seems that explicit video There was no doubt.

Not the way I wanted him to know, but it’s clear someone tried to take away his ability to declare when he was readyRessler said, as reported by journal. not yet: “I was deprived of the ability to come out When you feel ready.”

Post on Twitter

Either way, Jeff Molina didn’t hide and spoke directly to fans in a message left on Twitter. “I’ve always tried to protect what’s mine private life Stay away from social mediaread a long post published by an MMA fighter.

The 25-year-old American explained that he’s always been dating girls, suppressing other feelings he’s experienced throughout his life.I’ve always had a sense of humor and the idea that friends and teammates might look at me and treat me differently was something I didn’t understand. Most of the strike…. homophobeSo I thought I didn’t want to do it during my active career.“, he added.

I wanted to be known for what I was capable of and what I had devoted 11 years of my life to, not as “UFC bisexual fighter” which everyone translates to as “UFC gay fighter”. After all, I know my character, my morals, and myself. supportAnd it means a lot to me‘ he concluded.

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