“I have been selling ice cream since February 10.”

This is a brand new trade that will please Anthisnois and others. Encouraged by her husband Frederick, Chisae opened ‘Eau coin du Goat’. Specialties: pastries, pralines (and now chocolate eggs), ice cream. Everything is homemade and Chisaé is without a doubt ‘the best pastry chef’.

in the countryside

She opened her shop on February 10 and was already offering ice cream a la carte. And it’s a hit regardless of the weather. You can enjoy 20 different flavors. “All flavors work, but I prefer ice cream with biscuits: cookies, speculoos, stracciatella,” she smiles. A new flavor, popcorn, has already been a huge success this weekend.

cost? “Our newly opened ice cream is made with good, natural products, such as milk from our farms. It also takes into account the fact that it is located in the countryside and not in the center of a big city, ”Frédéric concludes.

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