He sent a late medical certificate to help his raped daughter, and the company fired him.

He was busy taking care of his 13-year-old daughter, who was a victim of the disease, so he sent the medical update late. sexual assaultBut the delay took a heavy toll on him, considering the company he worked for had him dismissalAnd as if that wasn’t enough, the appeal has been dismissed by the court in the last few hours. As the company acted lawfully, the appellant has to pay €2700 in legal fees. The protagonist of the story is a worker in Lucca, Tuscany who is currently considering the possibility of appealing to a lawyer. A long story that began three years ago and led to his dismissal. In the summer of 2020, the man underwent shoulder surgery and with the consent of his doctors and employer, he was on sick leave from July 21 to October 1 that year. After further medical examination, the convalescence period, which doctors decided to extend until next November 2nd. Workers must therefore notify the company of any new updates by September 30th.

daughter sexually assaulted

However, the lack of contact within the legal deadline was due to the fact that for serious reasons the man did not pay attention to his profession.time 13 yearswould have actually suffered rape Therefore, her father accompanied her to report the incident. Law enforcement and judicial authorities often listen to young victims during telltale cases to quickly identify alleged perpetrators of sexual violence and to crystallize evidence and testimony. Did. A few days after the incident, the minor also fell ill and had to turn to a doctor at a local hospital for a short hospital stay.

judge’s verdict

Based on the above background, based on newspaper reports nation, Only on October 7th did the man inform him of his recurrence of illness, at the same time he sent a message of apology to the manager of the company and informed her of the situation.However, the apology was not enough: for failing to comply with the aforementioned deadline set by the National Collective Agreement, the workers dismissal in the trunk. A decision that the latter decided to oppose and sought reinstatement. The final chapter of this story flashes back just a few hours ago. legitimatebecause the judge agreed with the company in view of the behavior of the symptomatic worker surface and indifferent ”. human motivation, “Humanly shareable, but- read the sentence – Unable to ascend due to obstacles. ”

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