He molests a woman and masturbates on the bus: Violence in Pakistan

First he approached a woman walking down the street, fuck her and escape to the neighboring streets. Within minutes of this first act, he sexually assaulted a girl on the bus, showing her private parts and masturbating. The main character of this story is a 27-year-old man from Pakistan who has arrived from Bologna and now has to answer the accusations. sexual assault. According to local media reports, the facts date back several days. The foreigner was sitting next to a 20-year-old girl on a bus in the Emilia-Romagna capital. So far, nothing strange, except that at one point the 27-year-old suddenly showed her genitals. And she clearly wasn’t satisfied, suggesting that he started touching himself right in front of her and seemed to be intercourse with her as well.

of call out The young woman immediately stood up and tried to leave, but at that moment she caught the attention of other passengers on the bus. So one of them continued to alert the police, letting them know what was going on and prompting them to intervene on the spot. And because of these facilities, the exodus of Pakistani nationals did not last long. In fact, the police stopped him before he could get out of the car and run away. That’s not all. A subsequent investigation into his account would have made it possible, in fact, to confirm that this foreigner was involved in a separate case. harassment This incident occurred minutes ago and harmed another woman living in the city of Emilia.

The latter was supposedly walking down a street not far from the historic center when a man (who had followed her unnoticed) sneaked up to her and touched her hand several times. chest. In this case, too, the victim immediately started screaming and the abuser fled to avoid attention. Even though she was in a state of shock, she managed to call the police. After her identity was identified following the harassment that took place inside her bus, foreigner He was taken to Dozza Prison in Bologna. But this double event has brought the issue back into the spotlight. Reports say other women have recently been harassed to the same extent that they have already been suddenly molested on public transport. And some citizens apparently continue to call on PD Mayor Matteo Lepore to demand a “strengthening” of security.

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