Get Free Cloud Space with Internxt Encrypted Cloud Storage

We have found the ultimate cloud storage. intern textis open source and encrypted, maximum protection Your privacy will always be the focus. It is no coincidence that this platform uses a highly distributed cryptosystem. What’s the best thing about all this? Internxt is completely free and risk-free to try. Get up to 10GB of space.

Everything you can do with Internxt

Internxt was specially designed secure yours More Sensitive Data. All files you upload to the archive are encrypted end-to-end on your device, giving you complete control over your data. Additionally, the use of distributed servers provides Internxt with a higher level of reliability.

Not only can you store all your files such as photos, videos and work documents, Share folders and create backups of your device.your cloud space always in sync ANY DEVICE: All you need is an internet connection to access your files wherever you are.

Additionally, the Internxt platform is fully GDPR compliant And it’s 100% safe. Internext’s particular case has been independently verified and certified by Securitum, a leading European penetration testing company.

Internxt is pleased to inform you that it offers a completely free plan. Although limited to 10GB – Help you decide which plan the platform offers best suits your needs.

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