Five months later, Pino still doesn’t know what drove her daughter to suicide

It was the night of October 22nd that Courcelle’s father Pino’s world collapsed. His daughter Donatella took her own life. she was 18 years old. Nearly five months later, this desperate gesture remains utterly inexplicable for this family. Still, Pino suspects his daughter is being bullied. “Two years ago she was 16, took about 40 Xanax doses and ended up in intensive care at the hospital. We almost lost her that day.” “Therefore, we imagine that this time also the young Cruceroise was the target of harassment at school. That was Pino’s idea, and that he would reveal justice.” I want to

Five months later, Pino knows no more. Her daughter’s cell phone had long been in the hands of investigators to find messages, conversations and photos that could help pinpoint Donatella’s motives.To this day, her father has fully recovered the phone. I haven’t been able to. “It could be returned to me, but it’s still locked. I wasn’t interested because I wanted access to her daughter’s photos and notes.”

According to this Courcerois, investigators would have auditioned several young individuals, particularly Donatella’s classmates and relatives. “Again, I don’t know what will come out of it. I may see more clearly in a few weeks, but I was told that I would be able to access the files soon…”

Donatella. -DR

Meanwhile, Pino and his family cannot grieve. “It’s winter now, so we haven’t had a proper burial yet. We had a temporary ceremony, but we won’t be able to say goodbye until next May. It’s going to be a very difficult ordeal again… For me, what I want more than anything is to understand why my daughter is doing this and if there is established responsibility, these people will be sanctioned!ยป

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