Earth receives alien signals from Mars…but it’s a SETI simulation

The SETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence Exploration) Institute is searching the universe for alien signals in order to solve the one-time famous Fermi paradox.So the team Simulate alien signals being sent to Earth From a vehicle in orbit around Mars… to see if we can decipher it.

Why haven’t aliens contacted us yet? This question plagues insiders who are unable to answer. During that time, many messages have been sent out into space (even the Vatican), even though some eminent scientists have stated otherwise.

SETI’S NEW PROJECT, ITS NAME cosmic signwill challenge scientists and experts around the world to find new ways to understand these signals that are currently incomprehensible or may be undecipherable. could be in our favor Just in case aliens actually try to make contact with us.

The Sign In Space provides an unprecedented opportunity to tangibly experience and prepare for this scenario through global collaboration, fostering an open quest for meaning across cultures and disciplines.‘ explains Daniela de Paris, the artist behind the project.ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) The European Space Agency is supposed to send an encrypted message, but it’s up to scientists to figure it out.

The project will have its own Discord server and will also host a Zoom-based discussion series for scientists and the general public (yes, you reading this too) from all over the world. intervene directly in the matter. ”This experiment is an opportunity […] Collaboratively receive, process, analyze and understand the meaning of potential extraterrestrial signals’” finalized project scientist Wael Farrar.

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