Donald Trump says he will be ‘arrested’ on Tuesday, calls for protest: ‘Protest and take back our country!’

The former president could be indicted in a 2016 lawsuit.

“Take back our country”

Referring to a “leak” from the New York State Attorney’s Office, the former US president wrote in capital letters about a neighborhood in Manhattan: The former president of the United States will be arrested next Tuesday. Show me, take back the country! »

Signs and rumors about a possible criminal indictment of Donald Trump by a grand jury have been mounting for days at this stage of the investigation, led by an elected Democratic magistrate. This is the first time a former US president has done so.

On Friday, one of Donald Trump’s attorneys told the media that his clients “will go” to the New York judiciary if he is indicted.

Convinced that the 2020 election was “stolen” from him by Joe Biden, Donald Trump had already called on his supporters to mobilize by January 6, 2021. Congress will be held.

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