D3A – Aishe made leader Mons suspicious, but bowed: ‘feelings of pride and frustration’

Iglitzki is out with an injury. – Ben Ball

D3A – Aische made leader Mons question but bowed: “feelings of pride and frustration”

Posted on Sunday, April 2, 2023 at 1:23 PM



the goal
: 16th generation Maison (1-0), 41st Michelle CSC (1-1), 58e/pen. Cardone (1-2), 66th Dupir (1-3).

: Rousseau 5.5, Michel 5 (59 Duri 6), Mezin 5, Gregoire 6, Iglitski 5.5 (21 Thiro 6), Joanne 6.5, Gaucher 6, Deleuze 6.5, Jesse 6.5, Katinus 7, Detier 6 (82 Guillard North Carolina).

: De Wolf, Lefranc (75th Bachy), Thissen, Jansen Da Silva, Ntalu, Wildemeersch, Perreira-Bofomua (54th Cordaro), Dupire, Durieux, Kumbi, Cardon (91st Fosso Ganfnang).

yellow card
: Maisin, Gécé, Jansen Da Silva, Thissen.

: Mr. Afifi.

After a try from Delooz that forced De Wolf to tap in the second minute, the answer came from Kumbi, who’s cross failed to find a taker, and the next phase saw Cardon collide with Rousseau as the goal starter. i’m back.

In the 16th minute, Detier’s free kick hits Mycin’s second post. Shortly after the half-hour, Detier took advantage of Janssen da Silva’s loss of the ball to score a solo goal. The pass lands in DeLuze forcing the goalie into a kamikaze exit. Aixe’s luck had passed and the Reds equalized in the 41st minute, at the feet of Michel, who scored at the net with a shot from Cardon that Rousseau kicked back.

A “double twist of fate that had the gift of putting opponents on the right track” concerns Brandon Sirot, who immediately entered the game in place of Iglikki. “There were no pictures of the budgetary measures between the two teams. Just looking at Mons’ bench says it all. Montois even asked me why there weren’t any ballboys! do not play on the same court.»

“For more information”

The leader returns to the ground more determined, and from the 46th, Cardon serves Kumbi, who is stationed right next to him. Just before the hour mark, Mycin hooks Kumbi into a rectangle. Cardon is responsible for converting penalties. The match feels unsuccessful as the Dragons continue to be masters of their subject matter with a combination of experience and confidence.In the 66th minute, Lefranc’s free-kick was confirmed by Dupir’s header. Ten minutes later, Gregoire avoided a penalty and settled at the line with a try from Cardon. “I am retiring with pride and frustration,” said coach Jerome Patrice. “I am proud that my players made the leaders doubt in the first period. My frustration comes from the admitted defeat in the details.Iglicki’s premature withdrawal adversely affected the plans put in place.Next, conceded avoidable goals, self goals, penalties, and a 1-3 bad placement, with Mons at the top of the bracket needing nine points left to earn the last ticket via the general classification in the final round. , Tournai, Pays Vert and Crossing Schaerbeek.»


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