Counselor Shroyer was attacked

It all started in Liège on Friday. After he (deliberately) tried to run me over, he started threatening me to erase the photo of his license plate that I had just taken.

This first moment of interaction would have waned if it weren’t for the intervention of two witnesses who stopped, confirmed that I had just been in danger, and stepped in to allow me to leave safely. I guess.

chased in the neighborhood

But apparently the driver hadn’t finished dealing with him. Minutes after the first attack, I was able to escape him for the first time.

Then I went to the Saint-Leonard police station. This police station is closed, but luckily there are police officers. When they opened the door for me, the invaders came in a second time and came face to face with the police. »

file a complaint

Fortunately, Liejois came out unscathed, but he still wants to claim his rights. Of course, without eyewitnesses, it’s a “word for word” relationship, and there’s not much to expect.»

His post on the network caused a lot of reactions. Other cyclists also say they have been victims of inappropriate behavior by disrespectful motorists.

“These attacks are daily. It is important to find ways to stop them. Stay there (they are masters of the road and you submit), put an end to the danger (or even just to record it) and it will immediately go into a spin,” adds François Schroyer. .

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