Comrades in a Borrowed Womb First Face: ‘The Left Must Fight to Keep It Crime’

Some say no (even leftists). Pd Elly Schlein’s secretary of state attacks governments that “harm themselves against children” and calls on the left to “take the matter to Congress” after it stopped copying the children of gay couples Interesting reasons for the opposition of the center-right. Instead, the critical voices of Catholics and populist Democrats and leftists are beginning to stir. “The Milan demonstrations raise a fair question: full protection for the rights of children, regardless of how they are born. But the risk of ignoring an incontrovertible reality “The primary right of a child is to have a mother and father, to have biological and family identities, and to be able to know one’s origin – he continues – and this is a surrogacy.” It does not happen in gay couples who rely on procreation: children are born by borrowing or using the womb of a woman who is not related to the couple, in the name of the absolute right of adults to have children. Definition Gpa, or pregnancy for others»According to Costa, «it seems to want to reduce the negative effects of this practice, which is banned in Italy and other countries». “There are serious gaps in child protection that Congress has to fill, but the GPA has a serious gap in child protection that Congress must fill, and a recent Constitutional Court ruling said that women’s dignity is often, in addition to them, an opportunity for abuse and exploitation.” to protect the rights of children by secretly legalizing surrogacy and covering up violations of the rights that surrogacy implies. It would be unacceptable,” he told Shriner. It is “urgent and necessary” to create “a forum for comparing different sensibilities and political cultures on this issue” within the Democratic Party. On Rainbow Square Day against the Meloni government, former Deputy Minister and Pd Member of Parliament Stefano Fasina scolded Pd and Five Star, inviting them to Leftists in line with their roots must commit to the recognition of European certificates, while at the same time making the employment of a mother and the sale of her products a universal crime». published an article by Antonio Gramsci and was published in “Avanti!”. On June 6, 1918, “Selling Poor Girl’s Ovary to Rich Woman.” The recently elected Democratic Party’s new national leader, Stefano Lepri, said, “Womb lending exploits the bodies of poor women and removes their biological identities from those children who are also objects of commodification. Parents. It is unlikely that an understandable desire to be can become a demand, even at the expense of the most fragile. Laura Zanella, group leader of the Chamber of Commerce’s Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra, said that the mayor “wanted to fill a legislative void, but in good faith he was willing to seek representation abroad.” The risk of legalizing the practice of childbirth and using the mayor’s minutes to challenge the ‘Sala Method’. She will stimulate the market.”

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