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Be pampered!

It’s been a tough week, do you want to relax? You have to go to Walcourt where the wellness fair is held. Experts come together to give you a massage, style your hair, and teach you relaxation techniques. They are part of the program. For a Zen Sunday, head to Hall Omnisport de Walcourt from 10am to 6pm. Free.

of the video

free boarding

Cruise to the capital! It’s not the Caribbean I give you, but the canals of Brussels are undergoing a transformation and Brussels by Water invites you to discover all this on a boat ride.To discover Brussels It’s a unique method and it doesn’t cost anything. Simply register on the website.

heel belly

If you like dry land but want to roam around, you’ve found what you need. It is a gourmet walk using local specialties that you can not only walk but also eat while walking. You can choose a distance of 7 km or 11 km via Malbaie, Malbissoux, Tilley and Ville-la-Ville.Make a reservation at

design and talent

Do you have an artistic soul and love finding talent? See you this Sunday in Soignies for the Soignies Design Creators’ Fair. Jewelry, fashion, furniture, decorations and much more from 11am to 5pm for just €0. It happens at the Port de la Pierre in Soigny.

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