CIE Not Working Week: Dating Outlook

As of today, May 26th, CIE system is not working. So the week that came to a close was marked by many, and intentionally hampering, problems. Issuance of electronic identification.A situation that is at least partially reminiscent of a situation we had the opportunity to explore in another article in the past in our magazine. Let’s try to figure out how things are going this Friday, but above all, let’s figure out what the outlook is for next week when we need to reschedule the appointments we missed recently.

Ending the week without a working CIE: what happens when you miss an appointment

So I’m having a busy week with CIE not working. While it is true that this morning we are starting to see some positive signs regarding the restoration of service, it is also inevitable that we will need to consider the prospect of new appointments. Both the recently unrealized emissions and the near-term projected emissions. The volume will be different depending on the municipality you are referencing, and you will have to scale everything.. For this reason, there is no, and never will be, a standardized schedule for everyone.

as confirmed From the social profile of some municipal administrations, anyone with pending bookings between today and Monday will be called to reschedule, possibly based on a recently created virtual queue. Each management team will therefore need a different strategy, but it’s important to stress that by next week’s first overview everything should be clearer for all involved.

So there is nothing we can do at the moment Wait for contact from the municipalityrelated to CIE services that still do not work in some situations, according to the latest feedback provided by the public.


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