Car GPS Tracker: Small and Accurate, 50% Off at Amazon

a gps tracker It’s highly accurate and always ready to show you where your car is (and not only that) it’s always very useful for many reasons. And if you can get it for less than half the list price, all the more so. In fact, at this exact moment, you can find very low cost and heavy on price error. only 19 eurosThat’s right: that’s enough 50% coupon applied on the product page.

car gps tracker, real time tracking

Easy to install, this small, compact device tracks your exact location and records what’s happening, whether you’re driving or keeping your car safe.This model is High precision Not only can you control the position of your car, but you can also control the position of your loved ones. oldwith prior consent, can be carried at any time. Make yourself “trackable” in case of illness Sudden changes or disorientation.

device update location Every 10 seconds with continuous tracking, GPS accuracy is less than 5m and thanks to suBuilt-in rechargeable battery from 6000mAhIt can continue to send positioning data to the platform terminal even after power off.All you have to do is enable it SIMs Single-minded It’s already included and requires a very cheap monthly or yearly subscription to use it (which you can cancel at any time).

Then connect it to a suitable application that can communicate directly with your Android or iOS smartphone.This way the device can send me GPS data See your location in real time, directly on your device. Take advantage of this incredible promotion and make it yours for just €19.that’s enough for you 50% coupon applied on the product page.

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