“Bonaccini is perfect for reconstruction. The governor knows the area very well.”

President Cifani, the Government has reservations about the candidacy of Mr. Stefano Bonaccini as Secretary of Flood Emergency. Agree?

“In my opinion, in the face of emergency interventions such as the one we are about to face, we must not be prejudiced about their political nature. I hope you don’t go down this road.”

Isn’t that more work and more responsibility?

“I have been president of the region for a few months now and have been entrusted with the role of ad hoc committee for both the Palermo Catania district and possibly the Syracuse cleanup district. But it is better to leave it to the president of the region, as he has direct bureaucratic and administrative control over the territory.

So, in a case like this, is governor the ideal profile?

“Specific, because it has an edge over strangers in the areas involved in the intervention and can guarantee faster functioning and decision-making capacity.”

The veto power over Bonaccini is also the result of widespread opinion that those who have long ruled the region have failed to hold onto the territory.

“These accusations and assessments will take time. The real scope of dramatic events needs to be touched upon.At times like these, the governor must be immune from past business criticism.All in the meantime.”

But we need to draw lessons from an event of this magnitude. Don’t you think other governors defending Bonaccini today should act now to protect the region from similar disasters?

“Your question fits perfectly. We are also considering a large-scale hydrogeological plan that can secure the areas that have been neglected until now by utilizing the funds of .It will take several years, but it is important to start. Because the bomb no longer has anything to do with the theme of the extraordinary, and politics must adapt with appropriate responses.”

Speaking of Palermo Catania, will the Strait Bridge inspire the strengthening of Sicily’s road network?

“This bridge will stimulate growth as it will lead to the need to connect the entire ancillary road network to the bridge. It is clear, I will be in charge of the medium-high speed railway, and I will soon meet with the management of Rfi to work on the high-speed project between Palermo and Messina.”

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