Biden’s New Gaffe: Wrong Number of Grandchildren

An event held at the White House to commemorate the women’s basketball team that won the national college championship. However, once again Joe Biden He made headlines for his gaffes about his home environment, which greatly affected and confused those present. In fact, the president said he had four grandchildren of a woman, but we all know that there are actually five.

All real athletes in my family are women‘” Biden stressed, referring to his children’s daughters, who are just 5 years old. Grandpa People who misspell or mispronounce names when talking about their grandchildren. But we’re not talking about a grandfather like everyone else here, but about the man who holds the most power on the planet and has the lives of billions of people entrusted to him. . That’s just one of the countless gaffes of a president who is now in his 80s and announcing his intention to run for president. 2nd term But the series of errors and peculiar circumstances that have followed over time have left many questions even for his own party.

The media and public are seriously concerned about her physical retention There is also a mental side that looks ahead to the second term as commander. For example, earlier this month. Mr. Biden told reporters that he was planning “.important press conference“Instead it was an interview. And again, Nbc declared they wanted to at least celebrate.”3 or 4 more“Adding to Easter at the White House:”Maybe five, maybe six, what the hell?Statements detached from reality seriously worry those who observe American politics closely.

There have been many “dark” moments for Joe Biden, which have seemed to intensify in recent months. Late last year, he said he awarded his uncle the Purple Heart in 2008 for his service in World War II, even though his uncle was killed in action. died 10 years ago. And last year, too, he asked the delegates, who sadly passed away a few days ago, to stand.

I saw him at the event syncope One of the “Tigers” players the president talked about.The girl was taken away from the east room one day wheelchairthe president resumed his speech, reassuring the girl’s condition.

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