Basketball (R2 Gentlemen) – Blaine was right to fear a move to Muffle

Muffle sold his skin at a high price. – D. Barbeau

Basketball (R2 Gentlemen) – Blaine was right to fear a move to Muffle

Posted on Sunday, April 2, 2023 at 1:28 PM

To David Barbue

JSB muffle

brain beaver

Scoring: 15-18, 28-34, 51-53

JSB: Quensier, Z. Laloy 1+2+10+3, Vandenbogaerde, A. Meunier, Majchrzak 0+2+2+0, M. Meunier 3+0+5+0, Andries 7+7+2+2, Delfante 2+0+2+2, Andries 0+2+0+0, Villette 2+0+2+2

David Barbue

When talking to Belfius Mons-Hainaut 2 coach Sébastien Dieu about future playoffs, two teams come to mind. “We all know it’s not easy to come here to Muffledome and win,” admits coach Patrick Verdun. “We had a very good start (12 wins 2 losses), but before some forced rotations, one of which didn’t work at all, and a much more skilled brain than at the start of the game. We let them join a faction team, we let them find their direction and only occasionally stepped forward.

The “Giants” didn’t miss many wins. “Bjorn Laroy was called back on a weeknight and we missed his contribution greatly,” admits the mentor. “Every time he plays, he gives us something. There were some players who didn’t record.On defense the casters were really on top with gradually muzzling all the gunners. They sacrificed themselves with a solid visitor marker even if they wanted to. It looks, but it’s already a good performance.In the end, only two baskets were the first to win the championship this season.JSB has nothing to lose in playoff contention.

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