Basketball – R1 playoffs remain a possibility for Kane.

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Basketball – R1 playoffs remain a possibility for Kane.

Posted on Sunday, April 2, 2023 at 1:37 PM

To David Barbue



26-15, 45-26, 59-44

ASTEK: Van Damme 0+0+4+0, Carrier 2+5+5+0, A. Bachelard 5+0+5+6, Vandenberge 0+2+0+8, Payen 2+2+0+0, M Bachelard 0+0+0+7, Legrand 2+0+0+0, Jeg 4+2+4+0

Kainoa, currently in ninth place, has not conceded a loss in a playoff race. After this decisive loss, coach Mathieu Bokeh said, “I never stuck to the final round, but I will do what it takes to be there.” “Given that rumors have been heard for several weeks, especially on Wallem’s side, that if we sign a ‘three out of three’ (against Ennou and Cointe and then against Royer) and refuse to play the playoffs, We could have been there. Otherwise, I feel like my first season in R1 was the best I could do given the circumstances.»

Salmon and B. Bachelard remained on the P1 team, Voiturier was one-legged and Vandam was ill, so this is not something we can say. “The referee also took Peyen off us in the second quarter for very demanding technique and spontaneous conduct…”


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