Arc allows you to control any website with the Boost feature

Arc is the new browser from The Browser Company.

Arc function boost

The Browser Company has released a new browser that has won the hearts and minds of Internet users. To complete its glamorous operation, the parent company has updated the browser’s functionality that allows users to control all sorts of her websites. This is the boost function.

About boost

The Browser Company’s goal is to free Internet users from the control of designers and website builders. In the future, Internet users will be able to modify websites as needed to create their own web experiences. Once you control the website, you will be able to change the basic colors of the site. It can also show up in the layout of each site you visit.

So you can change the page font or even hide parts of the page completely. If these operations are basic, there are options for those with knowledge of writing and coding computer languages. In other words, it is possible to write CSS and JavaScript.

So the new version of Boost is a simplification of Greasemonkey and the stylish old tools.They were already used to change the web, but the concepts were needed when writing computer code. With Boost it’s all done in a few clicks.

Issues with boost

The first constraint is ethical. Website designers may find it offensive. But Darin Fisher, a developer and software engineer at The Browser Company, found a suitable solution. ”After all, it’s software“, he explains.”Run it on your computer and get a website, but why not customize how it looks? »

The second issue concerns users. The latter may forget that they’ve changed the site and later complain about how the browser looks different..

You can share changes you make to your site so other users can apply them, but there are limitations. Changes that affect computer writing of the site cannot be shared. This protection helps avoid cases of computer hacking by injecting malicious code into website modifications.

A Boost Gallery was created to make shared changes accessible to all Act users.

The feature hasn’t yet made its way to mobile versions of Arc, and Fisher isn’t happy about that. After getting used to the web version, he began to lose interest in the limited mobile version. ”Now there are some site boosts you don’t want to misshe says. ”I have the impression that something is missing when I open the phone, the color is not correct. Of all the purposes he and his team used boosts for, the one that turned out to be the most unexpected was a change in style.»

The developer concluded that it is important to control the website. ”Site readability, choice of fonts, colors and contrast. Being in control of things is very important. »

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