Apple founder’s unpublished letter appears in new book

It’s been 16 years since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone. The late founder of Apple rightly entered the history of information technology. In honor of the former CEO of Bitten Apple, the Steve Jobs Archive Ebook full of unpublished statements, interviews A letter from the seer of Cupertino.

The ebook was announced by the Steve Jobs Archive, as reported by our colleagues at 9to5Mac. Preserve the memory of Steve Jobs And he’s spent months working with the Jobs family, heirs to former Apple CEOs and the Cupertino giants themselves, to achieve his goals. digital platform, completely free and of course written in English.

Book, TITLE “Make Something Great”, the first publication of the Steve Jobs Archive, which collects a series of interviews by the founder of The Bitten Apple, some of his correspondence with colleagues, friends and relatives, as well as some exclusive documents of the entrepreneur. I’m here. Moments touched on in this essay include the founding of Apple and the ousting of his Jobs from the board. Birth of Pixar and Next And finally, Jobs is back on top of Cupertino.

At this time it is not known if the book will receive a paper version or if it will be translated into other languages, but the Steve Jobs Archive states that the text is Featured in an essay by Lauren Powell Jobs, which should also include a contribution from the widow, heiress of Steve Jobs, and historic Apple designer Jony Ive. Just Powell Jobs and Ive, his two co-founders of Archive in September 2022, came up with the idea of ​​making it a “database” of everything related to the Apple founder, his career and personal life. I had

According to the person who wrote it, “I want to make something great.” inspire readers to follow their dreams And you should be guided by your intuition. In fact, the title of the piece itself comes from a quote Steve Jobs gave at an Apple conference.I believe one of the ways people express their appreciation for other human beings is by creating beautiful things. [“make something wonderful”; ndr] Make it available to everyone.

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