Angelo Alessio’s brother Cosimo dies in accident

Two weeks after the tragic accident in Capaccio Paestum, Salerno, on March 18, Cosimo Alessio, a 63-year-old worker, Angelo Alessio, 57, former Juventus player and current coach. The Hyundai he was traveling with had fatal injuries sustained in his collision with Kona, and despite constant care from the medical staff, he died at the Lugi hospital in Salerno.

The accident, which turned out to be fatal, occurred against the fence wall of the Viale della Repubblica. Upon impact, the situation quickly proved very critical with a head injury and numerous injuries to the limbs and chest. The Salerno public prosecutor is investigating the it reports information cilento, the man returned from the night shift at the Battipaglia factory where he worked. Investigations are underway to understand the exact dynamics of the accident that led to his death.

Alexei’s biography

As mentioned earlier, one of the brothers is Angelo Alessio, who was assistant coach to Antonio Conte at Siena and later at Juventus, but also with Chelsea from mid-July 2016 to August 2018. bottom. His coaching career, however, started on the bench at Kilmarnock in Scotland in 2019 and two years later he went to Esteghlal (Iranian team) as a technical assistant, where he currently plays for the Persian side, a team that plays in the Indonesian league. He is the coach of Jakarta.

Footballer Angelo Alessio, born in 1965, wore the jerseys of Avellino, Juventus, Bologna, Bari, Cosenza, Avellino and Modena, but he was most seen in black and white. was. The former midfielder has scored his 142 appearances in black and white, including his 99 appearances in the league where he scored 11 goals. The sports world has gathered around him and his family. He will turn 58 on his April 29th. With Juventus, he won his Italian Cup in 1990 and his UEFA Cup.In memory of Juventus his club’s affection for former members, in recent years they social post With the best wishes for his birthday as mentioned at the end of April, hundreds of Juventus fans are commenting on the positive memories Alessio has left for the entire Juventus family.

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