Android 14 continues to take shape: two more pieces of news

let’s get back to dealing android 14is the next version of the green robot’s operating system currently in development by Google (in beta 2.1, released yesterday evening on all compatible pixels enrolled in the Android beta program).

The latest news concerns two completely different parts of the operating system. The first one, Simultaneous support for multiple password managersthe second concerns the lock screens of Pixel smartphones, which, as we already know, will be much more customizable than before and also have the possibility of: Edit quicklinks.

Android 14 added a new Credential Manager API

Just before Google I/O 2023, Big G welcomed passkeys to make passwords obsolete. More generally, the latest effort across the security development team is focused on improving credential management across the board.

The upcoming Android 14 will bring all these efforts to fruition and eventually implement new APIs. credential manager (We talked about this a few months ago) This is a decidedly better situation than in the past and introduces support at the system level. Passkey And furthermore, Supports multiple password managers simultaneously.

The goal is clear. Better security and more flexibility so users don’t have to abandon their password manager, even if it’s not the default password manager integrated with their Google Account.

However, if the API credential manageris also supported on Android 13 and below as part of Google Play Services (but only via Google Password Manager).

Passkey support is system-wide

of Passkeya new security tool that starts the so-called “”there was no password” is part of the system. android 14 thanks to the new API credential manager This allows users to create passkeys and store them directly in Google’s password manager.

Multiple password managers are also supported at the same time

Even more interesting is another feature of the new API. credential manager of android 14In other words, it allows third-party password managers to store/retrieve passwords (and passkeys), allowing users to log into apps and services without having to retrieve credentials. google password manager (Default for many Android phones, Pixel defaults).

When logging in, if the user has more than one password manager available on the device, a “consistent” graphical interface allows the user to choose which access method to use (even if the most secure is preferred, i.e. passkey ) is saved.

At this stage, ahead of the final stable release of Android 14, there are already many third-party password managers supported by the new APIs. credential manager: In addition to google password manager1Password, Dashlane, keeper and Octa.

Android 14 will let you customize lock screen shortcuts

Now let’s completely change the scope to move from security to the greater customization it offers. android 14 On Pixel series smartphones. As we’ve known for some time, Google has completely overhauled the lock screen, making it much more customizable than before and introducing the ability to choose different fonts and styles for the clock.

Many of these novelties were born thanks to our tireless efforts. Mishaal Rahman of Xperia Io Among other things, they recently showed me a partial screen recording demo. This is another novelty debuting in Android 14.

Back on topic, the next version of the green robot’s operating system will also allow you to customize the lock screen quick links. This is a feature the Mountain View giant announced in his August 2015. Google I/O 2023.

Currently in Android 13 you can only choose to show or hide 2 predefined Quick Commands (control Google Home devices and quick access to Google Wallet), but you can choose to show or hide 2 quick commands out of 9 different possibilities. Allows you to customize commands. However, the possibility of hiding them still remains.

What are these links and what is their purpose?

Here are the new shortcuts you can choose through the options to customize your lock screen within the redesigned Backgrounds & Styles app:

  • QR code scanner
  • torch
  • Video camera
  • Note (Available only if your phone has the Notes app set as default, another new feature coming with Android 14)
  • calmness
  • wallet (only available if at least one payment card is associated with the app)
  • camera
  • do not disturb
  • Google Home device control

Android 14 lock screen shortcut options

Working with the various Quick Links is fairly intuitive. Each Quick Link does what it promises, providing quick access to the connected app or quickly activating the requested feature. Just press and hold it.

We need to specify that the user can still select only one shortcut in the left slot and only one shortcut in the right slot (the maximum number of shortcuts on the lock screen remains 2).

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