39 people arrested for drinking, several fights, cars removed during Duke of Mons this Friday

Given the huge crowd this Friday (30,000 people turned up at the Grand Place during the concert!) Police Officer Mon Kevy enlisted the help of his French colleagues. Due to crowd density, certain access points to the Grand Place on the Nimis and Miroir sides had to be temporarily closed.

It was a concert and a good atmosphere, and sometimes I ended up drinking too much beer. Police had to make 39 administrative arrests of him for public intoxication. Three judicial arrests were also required.

little quarrel

The atmosphere on the police side is said to be “usually mild, but at night when nothing is happening, it gets a little noisy.” However, some eyewitnesses noted that a fight had taken place on the Grand Place. Police said they were “not serious” but could not confirm whether the specific arrests were linked to these acts of violence.

Some Montois had the unpleasant surprise of not being able to find their car. “Again, no parking violations have been confirmed, resulting in the removal of several vehicles.”

Be careful with your cell phone!

Several cases of mobile phone theft were observed this Friday. Therefore, the police are calling on everyone to be careful. “We remind people to be careful where they put their belongings, especially when they are in a crowd.

The Mon Kevi police pulled a positive balance out of Ducasse’s day, which was hit by a large crowd. “We encourage our people to continue this Ducasse in this beautiful state of mind.”

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