2016 Brussels terrorist attack: 6 convicted

Today, Tuesday, July 25th, suicide bomber On March 22, 2016, 35 people (including three terrorists) were killed and at least 340 more injured in Brussels.

A total of six people have been convicted of “terrorism-related murder” by the 12 judges of the Brussels Court of Justice responsible for organizing or carrying out the attacks targeting Malbek metro station and Zaventem airport, according to a Belgian newspaper report. Le Soir on an online portal. They are Osama Atal (presumed dead in Syria in the meantime), Mohammed Abrini, Osama Kreayem, Salah Abdeslam, Ali El Haddad Asfi and Bilal El Makorki. among them, Salah Abdelslama Belgian naturalized French, who also participated in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. Mohammed AbriniHe reveals himself to be the famous “Man in the Hat” who was immortalized by airport surveillance cameras just before a suitcase filled with Tatop, an explosive commonly used by Syrian jihadists, exploded.

Four other defendants, Sofiane Ayali, Erbe, Baingana Muhiruwa, Smile and Ibrahim Farisi were acquitted of the same charges, but among them Sofiane Ayari and Herbe Baingana Muhiruwa were found guilty of joining a terrorist organization. Two brothers, Smile and Ibrahim Farisi, were acquitted of both charges.

Given that the trial, which began in December 2022 last year, ended on Thursday 6 July, the defendants waited 18 days for a judge’s decision at the Brussels Court of Justice. This is the longest resolution in Belgian judicial history. The verdict was read by the president of the Asise Court, as reported by the Belgian newspaper. Lawrence Massart very quickly. Lawrence Massar also said that in addition to the 32 people who lost their lives on March 22, 2016, there were four more victims who died years after the attack.

The President once again wanted to emphasize“L”fear of the sceneExplosions at Brussels airport and Maulbeek metro station, “suffer” What was interpreted at the time as revenge by those loyal to ISIS against one of the countries that joined the anti-caliph coalition in Syria and Iraq, they provoked this.

According to stories provided by the police, the Zaventem massacre may have caused even more damage. The third, most powerful bomb, would not have detonated as the attacker was blown away by the second explosion.

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